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  #45HCP - Prospector Slim Jim Base Price:  $190.00  
Description:  This is a copy of an original Main & Winchester holster. The hand carving is typical of the early California style. The original holster, which is in our collection, can be seen on Page 79 in the book, "Packing Iron", by Richard Rattenbury. This Slim Jim holster dates to 1860. Primarily used for Cap & Ball revolvers but can be adapted for most cartridge revolvers.

Additional Information:


Holster is fully hand carved as illustrated.

Add $25.00 extra for Colt Walker or Colt Dragoon.


Historical Information:


This holster is copied from the original piece in our collection, which is pictured on page 79 in the book Packing Iron, by Richard Rattenbury. This is a fine example of a Main & Winchester flower carved holster. The Main & Winchester business card is in full color and dated 1884.

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Gun Make and Model

Barrel Length

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Straight Hang or Angled Cross Draw

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