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  A Nation Challenged Base Price:  $15.00  
Description:  Introduction by Howell Raines. The New York Times, 2002, 239 pages. Hard cover in like-new condition. Dust jacket has tear near spine. "A Nation Challenged: A Visual History of 9/11 and its Aftermath" is a breathtaking commemoration of the photojournalism and reporting that won an unprecedented six Pulitzer Prizes for The New York Times, as well as the George Polk Awards for national and foreign reporting.

  Auction Catalogs - Sotheby's and Kennedy Galleries Base Price:  $10.00  
Description:  Two auction catalogs - 1. American 18th Century, 19th Century & Western Paintings, Drawings, Watercolors & Sculpture from October 17, 1980 - Sotheby's New York. 2. The Kennedy Quarterly - Paintings of the American West. Volume XIII, Number Two, June 1974, Kennedy Galleries, New York

  Auto Power Base Price:  $10.00  
Description:  By S.W. Duncan. Self published, revised edition, 1935. Approximately 5-3/4" X 8-1/4", soft cover, good condition, crease in center of cover, 56 pages. Old book on generators. Instructions on changing Ford Model A Power House type generator to 110 Volt alternator, installing a four-pole rigging in the Doge Generator, etc.

  Fighter and Bomber - Squadrons at War Base Price:  $10.00  
Description:  By Andrew Brookes. Published by Promotional Reprint Company, Ltd., 1995. Hard cover with dust jacket in excellent condition, 270 pages.

  Historically Speaking Base Price:  $30.00  
Description:  By Lyle K. Williams, 1976. Soft cover, 80 pages, good condition, spine fading and spots on cover. Stories of the men and women who explored and settles the Missouri River Headwaters. A publication to help commemorate Montana's Bicentennial project and the Nation's Bicentennial year.

  Idaho's Bonanza Years Base Price:  $45.00  
Description:  Stories by Dorothy Povey. Black & White paintings by Rex Painter. Soft cover 8-1/2" X 10" booklet, 1966, 48 pages, Hailey Times Print. Short histories and paintings of Idaho's Ghost towns and how to find them. Rare.

  Journal of a Trapper - (1834-1843) Base Price:  $9.00  
Description:  By Osborne Russell, edited by Aubrey L. Haines. University of Nebraska Press, 1965, 191 pages, very good+ condition. A biography of Osborne Russell and maps of his travels while a trapper in the Rocky Mountains. Factual and unembellished narrative written by a trapper and keen observer.

  Pioneers-Tales of the Wild West, Vol. 11 Base Price:  $5.00  
Description:  By Rick Steber. Bonanza Publishing, Prineville, OR, 1993. Soft cover booklet in excellent condition. The author gained a pioneer's perspective by hiking the Oregon Trail and paddled a canoe from the wilderness to the mouth of the Columbia River. Steber portrays his understanding for the people and the landscape of the West.

  Rock Island Auction Catalogs Base Price:  $8.00  
Description:  Two catalogs from past antique firearms auctions on October 8th, 2005 and February 25th, 2006. Each has 98 pages of good reference material. Many black and white photos. Excellent condition.

  The 45/70 Trapdoor Springfield-Dixie Collection Base Price:  $80.00  
Description:  Pioneer Press, 1975. RARE - Signed by Turner E. Kirkland of Dixie Gun Works. A special hard bound version intended to accompany the purchase of the Trapdoor Springfield. This is a listing of these rifles stored in the stockroom at Dixie Gun Works awaiting the time when they would again appear on the buying market. Includes all serial numbers, specifications, variations and prices of 450 rifles. Good to very good condition.

  The Cheyennes - Indians of the Great Plains Base Price:  $5.00  
Description:  By E. Adamson Hoebel, University of Minnesota. Paperback, Holt, Rhinehart and Winston, NY, 1960, 103 pages, good condition with some wrinkling on front cover. A lively book about a high-spirited but self-controlled people who had a complex, satisfying way of life before it was uprooted by the white man.

  The Legend of Julia Bulette Base Price:  $5.00  
Description:  By Douglas McDonald. Revised edition 1983, Nevada publications, Las Vegas. Soft cover, 32 pages, excellent condition. Copy signed by author to Rick (Bachman). Stories of Julia Bulette in Virginia City and the Red Light Ladies of Nevada.

  The Tunnel and Haunted Hangar Base Price:  $6.00  
Description:  Two hard cover novels for one price - 1. The Tunnel, by Eric Williams, M.C., 1959, 191 pages, w/dust jacket. Illustrated edition prepared for young readers by the author. 2. The Haunted Hangar, by Van Powell, 276 pages, tear in binding.

  Trail Driving Days Base Price:  $35.00  
Description:  By Dee Brown & Martin F. Schmitt. Bonanza Books, NY. First Edition 1952, 236 pages. Hard cover in good condition with slight wear on corners. Dust jacket has one minor tear and some staining on back along top and bottom edges. With 229 photos and sketches. The story of the struggle between the U.S. and the Indian tribes of the West told in photos and a running narrative.

  Traveling the Oregon Trail Base Price:  $5.00  
Description:  By Julie Fanselow. Falcon Press, Helena, MT 1992, 199 page soft cover book, excellent condition. The essential daily guide to modern touring on the trail. First hand advice on where to go, what to see, and what to do along the trail. Detailed maps and photos complement the narrative.

  War Movies Base Price:  $8.00  
Description:  By Jay Hyams. W.H. Smith Publishers, 1984, hard cover, 224 pages. Book in excellent condition, dust jacket has some small tears.

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