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  #48 - The Gallatin Base Price:  $165.00  
Description:  The Gallatin is made to fit most Single Action revolvers in 5 1/2" and 7 1/2" barrel lengths. Original maker - E.L. Gallatin in Cheyenne, Wyoming Territory. This holster dates between 1875 and 1880.

Additional Information:

Border Tooling Illustrated.

Available in:

  •  Border Tool - $165.00 
  •  Extra Tool - $175.00

Historical Information:

E.L. Gallatin had been a saddle maker for nearly 28 years, when he finally moved to Cheyenne and opened a shop in 1873. Gallatin's nephew, F.A. Meanea, was a partner in this business and later bought the shop from Gallatin around 1880. Here we have two of the most famous names in the history of saddle making.

Original Gallatin Advertising Card
(R.M. Bachman Collection)

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Gun Make and Model

Barrel Length

Right or Left Hand

Straight Hang or Angled Cross Draw


Buckskin Lining

Hammer Thong


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