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  #45A - Slim Jim Base Price:  $160.00  
Description:  The Slim Jim pattern is reminiscent of the California gold rush period. It was used primarily for cap & ball revolvers, but can also be adapted to most cartridge revolvers. This is just one of the many styles available.

Additional Information:

Border Tooling Illustrated.

Available in:

  •  Border Tool - $160.00 
  •  Extra Tool - $170.00

Add $20.00 extra for Colt Walker or Colt Dragoon.

Historical Information:

The original maker was Main & Winchester in San Francisco circa 1855.

Tin Type Studio Photo (R.M. Bachman Collection)

Ordering Information:

Gun Make and Model

Barrel Length

Right or Left Hand

Straight Hang or Angled Cross Draw


Buckskin Lining

Hammer Thong


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