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  #45AWB - Slim Jim Base Price:  $190.00  
Description:  This Slim Jim holster is copied from an original in our collection and pictured on Page 86 in the book "Packing Iron", by Richard Rattenbury. Original maker - John Moore in Independence, Missouri. It dates from the 1855-1865 period. Primarily made for Cap & Ball Revolvers but can also be adapted for most cartridge revolvers.

Additional Information:

Holster is fully hand carved in the Traditional Wedding Band Design as illustrated.


Add $25.00 for Colt Walker or Colt Dragoon.


Early Hassan tobbaco trade cards. (R.M. Bachman Collection.)

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Gun Make and Model

Barrel Length

Right or Left Hand

Straight Hang or Angled Cross Draw

Buckskin Lining

Hammer Thong


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